Monitoring the IPv6 deployment is a continuous process. While a few indicators are already online, we are still adding new metrics to the list. UPDATE: All our statistics collected are also available on the v6DEMON tool website which is the preffered location to get latest figures. 

EC Digital Agenda Scoreboard

Websites having a AAAA coverage in DNS records (as % of most visited websites), as available on the scoreboard (

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IPv6 certifications

This indicator shows IPv6-related certifications issues by the IPv6 forum woldwide. 

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HTTP latency

Difference in latency for HTTP requests made to hosts offering both IPv4 and IPv6, for hosts among the following datasets: eu_27, gov_eu27, extra_top500, univ.

For each dataset, a subset of websites having both IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity (e.g websites that have both A and AAAA records in their DNS entries) is taken. Then for each website, 10 HTTP requests (one per hour) are sent using both protocol. 

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Top-500 websites with AAAA records

This indicator gives the proportion of websites, among the top 500 of each EC countries (plus USA, Canada, China, India and Japan) of websites having at least one AAAA in their DNS records.

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